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You have a seat at our table.

Meadowbrook has been an established company
since 1932, when founder Fred Weir Sr. opened his
restaurant with an important dream. He desired to
provide a place where people and families could
go to get away from their troubles and to create
an environment that gave every person who walked
through the doors a sense of belonging and
importance. His example was passed down to
Fred Weir III, who took his grandfather's
foundation and built Meadowbrook Brands. 


Today, Meadowbrook Brands is a multi-faceted
management business focused on building
relationships in the quick-serve food business.
We own four Zaxby's and four Dairy Queen
Grill & Chills across Northern Georgia and
continue to grow our company via Facilities,
Marketing, and Business Culture departments.
Our passion lies in servant leadership, which
we practice at every level of leadership: in

and out of the store!  

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Dairy Queen Cumming, Georgia

Dairy Queen Hickory Flat, Georgia

Dairy Queen Blue Ridge, Georgia

Dairy Queen Holly Springs, Georgia

Zaxby's Prominence Point

Zaxby's Canton Marketplace 

Zaxby's Hickory Flat, Georgia

 Zaxby's Holly Springs, Georgia